Is Spring the Start of “Home Buying Season”?

Many parts of the country due indeed have times of the year that are more conducive to home shopping, and buying. And although our lending area is blessed with decent weather for much of the year, Orion’s brokers constantly help their clients during the process, and reminds them that there are things to consider when home searching.  

As noted above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that seasonality can impact shopping for a home. Housing inventory slows during the winter months and comes booming back in the spring and summer months in many areas where Orion’s brokers lend. Not only are there more homes to select from, but also more buyers to choose them, and the market is experiencing an uptick in demand with a healthier economy. In fact, according to a monthly index published by Redfin, home buying demand increased 23 percent year-over-year from January 2016 to 2017. If you are considering purchasing a home, be sure to consider the following. 

Our brokers see clients doing research on homes, and advise them to find out information on the area they want to live in, what kind of home they’re looking for, and recent trends in home sales. Our experienced brokers are a great resource to kick-start this process. Having this information in a client’s back pocket will help streamline the home buying process and help them find their dream home.  

Brokers tell clients to set a budget: Like determining what neighborhood you want to live in, understanding what you can and cannot afford will put realistic parameters around your search. Orion’s brokers will tell clients to set as realistic budget: it is essential during the mortgage process and can help you avoid roadblocks.  

Home prices are continuing to rise due to urban renaissances across the country. Talking with a good broker to get a better understanding of the housing market can make the searching and buying processes much easier. Brokers have their pulse on the market, and can give borrowers tips for placing bids and assist in finding the best financing plan for a home.  

With the economy on an upswing and the job market improving, there is an increased demand for homes. Since a home is often one of the largest investments a consumer will make, an upbeat economy makes it an optimal time to seal the deal between Orion’s brokers and their clients.

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