Purchase Season!

Orion’s brokers know that we’ve entered “the purchase season” for homes. Many first-time homebuyers have heard tips, facts and even horror stories on the road to purchasing. There are many items that can come up and surprise them, and our experienced brokers know how to help.

For example, closing costs are packed full of details and terminology most non-lenders are not adept at understanding. Our brokers tell their clients that when they go over closing costs, take notes on what to expect. A client will see these costs itemized over and over so get familiar to help minimize their confusion or frustration.

When it comes to home repair, there are so many possible costs that a client can incur and that first-time home buyers don’t expect. Buyers can’t foresee problems that might arise during the inspection. They might be able to negotiate with the sellers, but a buyer will want to have enough money left over after closing for any unexpected repairs.

Orion’s experienced brokers remind clients that viewing a home is not a “one and done.” Yes, first impressions are important, but if they want another walk through, ask the real estate agent if they can set it up. Don’t be afraid to personalize their offer with a letter describing any details about them, their family, and why they love the home. Experienced brokers have found that nicety may just tip the odds in a buyer’s favor in competitive markets where Orion lends. 

A buyer should try to get a feel for the neighborhood, specifically neighbors since they want to be in a place that that they look forward to being a part of. A home’s community is often as important as the house itself. Don’t be afraid to ask the neighbors questions. These people could become babysitters, carpool buddies, and close friends over the years. 

And our brokers remind clients to not load up on credit for all the things they will need for their new house until after the loan closes. Brokers know that buyers do not want open that credit can of worms in the middle of a transaction!

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