The American Dream

Every day our brokers are asked a basic question: To own or not to own? That is a good question. As with most topics that are subjective, there are two opposite opinions that are popular. Some believe owning a home is a constant and unforgiving expense. Others would argue that not owning a home is a huge mistake. 

Those of us in the industry believe that planning to own a home is beneficial even before you're in the position to buy. This frame of mind will prompt saving for the future with a clear goal in mind. While it is true that real estate prices in some markets make homeownership impossible, there are still reasons to consider planning for a property purchase regardless, and Orion’s brokers help thousands of clients every year. 

Good brokers know that the prep work for planning a home purchase is a valuable life lesson to teach and train individuals to budget and think long-term as opposed to instant gratification. The cycle looks something like this: To buy a home you need to have a down payment, to have a down payment you need to budget properly, to budget properly you need to make choices about purchases, do you really need “it” or that many? It teaches Orion’s broker’s clients a form of moderation. All things in moderation can be applied to purchases of any size no matter your position in life.  

There is a definite sense of accomplishment in setting a goal, saving for it, and being disciplined enough to get there. Orion’s AEs hear some great stories. There are valid financial lessons and self-esteem gained through following this process. At the end of the day, you have achieved positive and responsible life-long spending habits with a double bonus: the sense of security and pride in owning your own home.

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