The Web

Orion’s Account Executives are often asked about using the web to find a loan versus using a loan officer, or in our case an account executive. Real estate agents have the same issue, and this is similar to the intricacies of finding the right property and negotiating the right contract – doing it over the web is full of potential pitfalls.

Orion’s brokers know that securing a mortgage to fit an individual scenario has it complexities. Financing the purchase of real estate is not like buying printer ink cartridges for your HP printer. Most buyers, or those refinancing, do not fit the criteria needed to qualify for the advertised rates promoted by on-line lenders that spend tremendous amounts on marketing. Pause your TV screen the next time one of their commercials is on and read the fine print at the bottom.

Our brokers also know that nearly every client has some issue/ glitch in their background that needs a trained and experienced broker to guide and help them through the lending maze, who in turn have Orion’s AEs as a resource. If you do get that rare case where the buyer has good ratios, solid credit history, employment history, money for a down payment and closing costs, then your focus shifts to getting everything done on time and controlling the things out of your control: computers glitches, appraiser mistakes, underwriters who do not know all the guidelines, title company miscues, and wires go to the wrong place.

What matters is the character and methodology used to handle these issues. Technology has improved the quality of nearly everyone’s life. If the internet went down it would just about be game over. Or certainly the game delayed until we could revert to how we did things 30 years ago. Experienced Orion brokers often encourage their clients to use the internet to help with certain aspects of the lending process, but our brokers tell us time and time again how important the human touch is.

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