Trust but Verify

Buying a home? Get a home inspection! Orion’s brokers tell their clients that a home inspector will spend quite a bit of time in, under, on and around the structure testing all the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. At the completion of the inspection the client will be given a very comprehensive report that details the quality of condition of all the systems and note any deficiencies, concerns or items they may wish to have further inspected by a specific professional.  

Just because a home is “new” does not mean deficiencies absolutely don’t exist. Brand new is not a guarantee that the home is perfect and that no corners were cut or the work performed was of a quality to last. Orion’s brokers help clients see that the inspection can create the opportunity for additional negotiations between the buyer and seller.  

Many buyers expect that if they are buying a home (that is being advertised as completely remodeled/rebuilt) that everything with the home should be in perfect working order, after all the seller just spent a lot of money repairing/replacing everything that was wrong with the home and put it on the market as "like new.” The newly remodeled/rebuilt home is common on the market and is most likely a "flip." A flip is when someone purchases a property that is in distress below market value due to its condition, rehabilitates the home and then puts the property back on the market as a complete remodel, or "like new." The Flipper's objective is to make money, hopefully a lot.  

Unfortunately, there are instances when the Flipper puts most of their rehab money into cosmetic repairs and maintenance, masking some serious issues that can only be found with an inspection. Our experienced brokers will help clients see that.  

Orion knows that every buyer of every home should engage a property inspector to provide an objective and clinical look at the property and structures so they can have a thorough understanding of the current and potential issues with the property. It helps keep problems to a minimum for our brokers and their clients.

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