Understand the Lending Process

Orion’s brokers see many clients. Each one is special, and each one has different needs – so Orion’s AEs tailor our services to your goals. Our brokers remind their clients that a mortgage is most likely their single largest debt, and a home is most likely their single largest asset. For our brokers’ clients who are purchasing a home, before they travel down the path to being a home owner, we recommend that our brokers tell clients to evaluate their options in the context of their overall financial objectives.  

A broker’s initial conversation with a client will focus on the following. “What are your housing objectives and why? What does your current cash flow situation look like? What large expenses should be considered as you develop a budget for the future (college funding, retirement planning, elder care needs, etc.)?” 

The second step should analyze and evaluate the broker’s and borrower’s options. “What are your housing, debt planning and cash flow options? What, if any, mortgage products and strategies offered by Orion would be useful to you? What is the likely short and long-term impact of these mortgage options on your overall financial situation?” 

After discussing and evaluating a borrower’s options, brokers and their clients begin to decide what plan of action will work best, often with the help of the Orion AE. The experienced broker will coordinate the whole process with their client and other professionals such as CPAs, CFP professionals, attorneys, real estate agents, builders, insurance professionals and other qualified advisors. 

Lastly, Orion’s good brokers understand that mortgage planning is a life-long process as everyone sees a flux in their financial situations from time to time. Clients are advised to periodically assess fluctuating cash flow needs, changing interest rates and market conditions, as well as family and life event changes. And through it all, Orion’s AEs are here to help.

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